3) General Health

Albumin: is the “other” Globular Protein in Hemp Achene or “Fructus Cannabis“. Albumin makes up approximately one-third of the Protein make-up, or ten-percent of the total nutritional content of Hemp Hearts.

NOTE: Albumin is found to “prevent” Consumption (Consumptivitis/Tuberculosis).

Consumption: is the “wasting” away of the body during the fueling of the digestive process. A diet lacking in fuel requires Lean Mass and Organs to fuel the process when this fuel cannot be supplied by the dietary intake. In this STATE, the body is Susceptible to HOST the Tubercle Virus.

Consumptivitis: is the STATE in which one HOSTS the Consumptive Tubercle Bacteria, more commonly referred to as Tuberculosis, today.

Edestin: is an very-bio available, easy-to-digest protein that makes up two-thirds of the Protein available from Hemp Seed, more commonly known as “Hemp Hearts”. Globular Proteins make up approximately one-third of the nutritional content of the Hemp Achene or “Fructus Cannabis”.